Life of Kamryn

Zurae Eastmond, Staff Writer

I recently had the amazing pleasure of conducting an interview with Teaneck High School student Kamryn and would like to tell you a bit about her. In this interview we find out what makes her who she is including her favorites, her non favorites and her family. Kamryn grew up in a catholic household in upper Manhattan, New York. She has always been close to her family members especially since she moved to Teaneck because now they all live close in vicinity to each other. Which according to Kamryn is “the best thing ever”. Just speaking to Kamryn and looking at her while she spoke about her family I could tell she loved them from the way her eyes glowed and the smile lines that pepped up from her mask. 

Growing up one of her favorite memories was going to Disney World with her family and then her overall favorite memory was going to Hawaii with her family. According to Kamryn she doesn’t really have any defining moments, and what’s happened over the course of time really makes her who she is. From these answers so far I can just tell that she loves her family and likes to travel because she speaks about her experiences a lot. 

Another thing Kamryn speaks a lot about is her love for tennis. Even just this summer with the trouble of COVID Kamryn managed to find a way to practice almost every week. Her goal is to become a professional tennis player, and with determination like that it isn’t anything short of attainable. From the rest of Kmaryn’s answers I would describe her as a person who enjoys a lot of hobbies. She has a lot of likes and an interesting dislike. She likes hip hop and Japanese music. 

 She also likes to read and watch movies in her free time, her favorite book is Misery by Stephen King, which in my opinion is a great choice. Her dislike, which is pretty random if I may say, is eggplants. But she also likes dogs and her favorite color is orange. Compared to big defining moments I would say that it’s small stuff like this that really makes a person who they are and is the best way to really get to know someone. I had a great time getting to know Kamryn and I hope you did as well.