THS Art Show

Ashley Bryant , Staff Writer

I had  the honor of visiting the Art Show at Teaneck High School, and each piece of artwork was absolutely amazing and creative in their own ways. Which piece of artwork that really stood out to me was the painting by Quinny V. The painting was of a ghost with legs and four other ghosts surrounding it, it looks like it was some type of rainstorm. I really do like this painting because there is more than one way to interpret this, and the ghosts are just so transparent. I adore this piece so much. The way I interpret this is some form of depression the ghost with legs is going through because of the death of four loved ones. I interpret the rainstorm as a moment of being lost, alone, and gloomy due to the depression. Out of all the art pieces there, and mind you there was a lot, I just really felt drawn to this piece. Just the drawing, how good the ghosts look and how they’re seen through. I could never do something like that! 


Another piece of artwork that really spoke out to me and caught my attention was one of the zodiac sign paintings. Unfortunately, I do not have the way of whoever created it, but I do remember it clearly. It was a picture of a clown, and the title was “Cancer” (Zodiac sign) and I hate cancers too, so I’m here for the cancer slander ! It’s just so funny how so many people hate on zodiac signs from past experiences but me too! Anyways, I just loved the details on it and how it was just so real life, artists amaze me because of how detail and real it looks it just amazes me every time I see artwork and how it just tells a story