Teaneck Loses Homecoming Game 28-0

Jaylah Belton, Staff Writer

On Thanksgiving day the Teaneck High School football team was defeated by the Hackensack football team. The Teaneck community was disappointed by the loss. Many Teaneck fans come to support the Teaneck Highwaymen. The weather was mild for this time of year which allowed people to enjoy themselves in spite of the loss. They ended the season with two wins.

The flag twirlers had an amazing performance. Which was expected because they make the football game 10 times better. Their dances are unique and eye-catching. With the help of the band, they hype the crowd up and help still enjoy the game even if the team is losing. The band plays very well and just playing their instruments would make anyone want to get up and dance.

The cheerleaders also did an amazing job. They try their very best to cheer on the football team and help them keep their head up while playing. Losing the game and seeing that you’re not winning can be very discouraging and might make many players want to give up. The help of the cheerleaders kept them going though. The cheerleaders also had their own dances to the music from the band which was very pleasant to watch.