The Benefits of Playing a Sport

Paige Elder, Staff Writer

Teaneck High School has a good deal of sports that many students could choose from. All with good and bad traits, but they are all available to benefit students.

One benefit is making new friends. Some people find it hard to make new friends, either out of fear and worry that people won’t like you, social anxiety, or even the simple thought that “everyone is judging you.” Though these may be the case, joining a sport may help you find people that have the same interests as you. On WebMD  One of their topics is to “join a group or a club.” Joining a team will give you a push to meet new people.

  A second benefit is the exercise. Athletes train about four to six times a week (depending on the sport) through this many have found that they lose weight a lot faster, or even gain muscle mass faster than what they could’ve done while working out at home or even at the gym. Furthermore you’ll have a personal trainer.  Coaches will  help you stay in shape, teach you proper techniques to improve work outs, and help you learn what to do to sustain your body to keep you healthy in the best possible way. 

One person I talked to about the benefits of Teaneck High School sports is Rachel Sherman. She specifically talked about the benefit of having purpose. She said “ One thing that stands out to me is that I have a sense of purpose. I’ve made friends and was able to work out, but having a sense of purpose to a team benefited me.”  Through this she explains that her purpose is to help to make the team work. She feels a sense of belonging. 

All in all, there are many benefits to joining a team at Teaneck High School. From being able to make friends, to finding a great source of exercise, and to even having a sense of purpose. There may be ups and downs while joining a sport, but it will benefit, or avail great things.