Olivia Gonzalez, Staff Writer

For my peer interview I chose to interview Keisi. Keisi is 15 and they’re genderfluid. They have two siblings, one younger sister and one younger brother. Their favorite colors are green and purple and they love to make video edits, take photos, and read. One part of their life they feel helped to define them and makes them who they are is being introduced to theater and sound engineering. Keisi’s cousin taught them about the production of movies and shows, photography, and videography which they have since fallen in love with. Keisi enjoys being with their friends and in the future hopes to stay with them and live somewhere out of New Jersey such as New York or somewhere similar. 

Their favorite book is The Song of Achilles, which is more of a sad book, but they’re currently reading I’d Rather Watch You, which is a “fluffy book” and has a really wholesome and kind feeling to it. Keisi believes that it’s crucial to always try to do your best and try new things, test your limits because it will help you to grow. Even if things aren’t easy, look from a different perspective and other angles to see your options. They are Ecuadorian and their inspiration is their Mom. Keisi sees their mom as a strong and independent woman who has taken care of Keisi and their siblings. Their mom has been a big role model and inspiration in Keisi’s life. Keisi is a libra sun, libra rising, and libra moon this makes Keisi someone who’s motivated, wants fairness or peace, and is sweet and charming.

Keisi enjoys listening to basically all music, but especially likes the rock band Pierce the Veil, and dislikes country music. Finally, if they could go back in time to change anything, Keisi would choose to change their academic decisions by trying to focus more on their work and stop procrastinating. They would want to be stress free and get out of the mental state they were stuck in last year.