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Art and Sports Merge at an Entrance at THS

The thought of Teaneck High School is small to others, others that attend and go everyday. Students, teachers that walk through the same doors consistently. There’s so much change and details to this school that people don’t recognize. 

One thing I didn’t recognize was the side main door on Elizabeth Avenue. On the door there is detailing of the sports that Teaneck Schools once offered, there is bowling, archery, football, tennis, and more. This door with the imprinted images gives me an idea that can speak for itself, teamwork. The change in how sports were back then and now the unity, teamwork, and status. 

This year the THS football team has had an amazing season with discipline , resources, and teamwork. The girls volleyball team has been better than before. The team is competing on a higher level. There were two coaches after Mrs. Cipriano, Coach Tidoe, and Coach Scott. The program has been competing at its best since 2006, and 2018 record wise. There’s multiple awards and years THS have been won or been recognized from.

Teaneck High School offers sports like football, soccer, cheer, cross country, tennis, and volleyball. The  boys and girls won individual championships. For winter sports, they offer basketball, swimming, fencing which is the defending league. They also have indoor track, competition cheer, wrestling teams, and bowling to name a few . They have baseball, crew, softball, tennis, track, volleyball, and girls flag football. “Sports goes in waves” stated by Coach Clark. There was a student that received a full scholarship for crew. The Teaneck football team has made it to the playoffs! Teaneck sports has expanded and offers so much to these students and gets better day by day. 

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