Morning at the Art Show


Malyeka Charles, Staff Writer

Teaneck High School is a place filled with talented creative young individuals and the Art Show in the Main Lobby and Media Center beautifully displays the depth of their creativity. As soon as you begin the walk from the Main Lobby to the Media Center, you’re already greeted with amazing and powerful artwork which gives the audience the opportunity to anticipate what type of artwork the Media Center will display. One art piece displayed in the Main Lobby that caught my attention is a meaningful artwork of Muhammad Ali by artist Akneiceea White. 

Throughout the Media Center, there’s a range of different types of artwork like surreal life portraits, summative watercolor paint, character remix, double block painting, and among many other types of artwork. As I walked around looking at all of the amazing artwork created by my fellow peers, I made sure to take my time to dissect the majority of the artwork I came across to understand the meaning behind it. In addition, there was a QR code next to certain art pieces that had information about the artwork written by the artist. 

I was in awe of all the artwork and the immense amount of talent and creativity at Teaneck High School. I highly recommend that everyone should come take a look at the artwork on display to show appreciation to the beautiful art pieces created by the talented individuals at THS. The pictures of the art work down below truly spoke to me and made travel to another place in my head. I can relate to the message that each artist was trying to convey with their artwork. I hope that more people will take the time out of their day for this experience. As an aspiring fashion designer, there were lots of artwork that gave me inspiration for my designs also.