Art Show Ambiance

Lily Chowdhury, Staff Writer

The art show as a whole had a very pleasant ambience. There was beautiful piano music being played, and there was very minimal talking, which gave a cozy atmosphere. There were many beautiful pieces, drawings, paintings, sculptures, clay pieces, and such. It looked like the artists took their time and effort into making their pieces, and many looked like it came from the heart. 

One particular artist whom I enjoyed the work the most was from an artist named Alyssa Vasquez. She made pieces that described love languages, which is something I find interesting. I saw a beautiful piece that portrays alienation in love languages, the piece, which bears the same name, in my opinion it really highlights the true nature of these love languages. How it’s not always sweet and nice. In the piece, it shows a figure sitting alone under an “exit” sign, and they appear to be trying to put on a mask. When I saw this piece, I almost felt connected to the figure, as it sat alone. We all had to wear a mask and pretend everything was fine at some point, I feel as though this piece portrays it perfectly.

Another piece from the same artist was called “Gift Giving.” It portrays what it feels like to be a gift giver through your love languages. In this piece, the character is essentially handing a box to the recipient with the mini version of themselves in the box. The mini self has ribbons tied around their wrist. From my perspective, it shows how it can be very draining to be a gift giver, how you can get stuck and caught up in pleasing the other person, that you essentially become tied down. 

Although it may have hints of melancholy from my opinion, it’s beautifully painted and highlights realism with love languages and how they can affect you.