Flu Season Arrives

Brandon Morales-Ortiz, Staff Writer

With the arrival of winter, flu cases are expected to rise across the country and in Teaneck High. In the middle of a pandemic, it is especially important to take precautions this flu season.

Since the height of the pandemic in 2020, flu cases in the US have trended downwards. In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that “flu activity was unusually low…both in the United States and globally, despite high levels of testing.” Although unexpected, the CDC believes pandemic precautions may be responsible.

Some precautions include “face masks, staying home, hand washing,” primarily directed against COVID-19. Besides containing the spread of COVID, the CDC theorizes these measures have reduced the spread of other viruses. By shielding mouths and disinfecting surfaces, sneezes and coughs have a smaller chance of reaching another person and spreading a virus.

While this trend may be relieving, the threat remains. The cold climate makes it difficult to stay outside, especially in open-air lunch tents. This increases both the amount of students inside and the risk of a flu spread.

There are other precautions students can take. As always, the flu vaccine remains a yearly recommendation for both adults and children. Additionally, students must wear masks at all times during school hours and should sanitize their hands regularly.

It is important to stay home if you are feeling sick. Symptoms of the flu can include a fever, headache, sneezing, congestion, cough, or sore throat. Social distancing and other measures can also reduce the chances of spreading the flu.

Your personal safety remains a priority this flu season. Take care of yourself and others by looking out for your health!

Source: 2020-2021 Flu Season Summary | CDC