THS Student Movie Night


Ariana Munoz Giraldo, Staff Writer

Get your popcorn, and settle in because the Teaneck High School class of 2023  will be hosting a Movie Night on January 26th at 5:30 pm, tickets will be $5. The rest of the information on snacks and prices will be on the flyers that you can find around the school building. 

A night of movies and hanging out with friends. Doesn’t that sound like a blast? Well, Teaneck High would love to provide you with that fun. Come along with us and enjoy some snacks and movies located on the second floor of the building. There will be movies like Minions, 10 things I Hate About You, and Wakanda Forever. There is something for everyone, so don’t miss out on this fun night. 

Make sure to tell your friends and anyone else who would like to join. There will be supervision during this whole event, so make sure to let your parents know there is no need to worry about their child’s safety. All of the movies are age appropriate and will be very entertaining for you, our students. 

It’s a night to remember. High school is the time of making memories and enjoying your teenage years. What better way to do that other than with your friends, peers, teachers, and beloved school? Teaneck High wants you to feel comfortable and happy with making new memories. So please show some school spirit and join us. It’ll be a great experience.