Medical Club Blood Drive

Nadia Udochi, Staff Writer

On November 4th, 2022, the Teaneck High School Medical Club hosted its annual blood drive which proved to be yet another successful event. Coordinated by Mrs. Mesa and Mrs. deMoncada and hosted in partnership with the New York Blood Center, held in the small gym. Consisting of competent medical personnel and students ( age sixteen and above) with teachers who donated. They were required to submit some form of identification and were sent messages the night before prompting them to drink lots of water and eat a hearty breakfast. Students were also given a mini examination before donating blood and received snacks to replenish their bodies after giving their donations. The event started at eight-thirty in the morning and ended at two- fifteen in the afternoon. Sign-ups were available a week before the event and provided relevant information including the weight requirements for both males and females.

The Blood drive seeks to educate the student body on the importance of donating blood and encourages them to do so as blood is essential to human life. By donating blood you not only help save countless lives but also give back to society. So if community involvement was one of your New Year’s resolutions then consider becoming a blood donor and help the community because, with just three pints of blood, you can permanently change someone’s life for the better!