5 of the most memorable Super Bowl Commercials

Daniel Maron, Staff Writer

5) Paramount +: Entering the competition among streaming services, Paramount+ makes a good impression with a mountain top combining various properties from Dora the Explorer to Star Trek. 

4) Doordash: Doordash utilizes the cast of Sesame Street in a musical number that describes the joys of using Doordash. In our current time, a service like Doordash needs to capture its market the best way it knows how.

3) StateFarm: While this commercial will most likely be remembered for the cameos from Drake and Paul Rudd, it still provides an interesting and ironic setup of a famous celebrity standing in for a TV commercial.

2) General Motors: Awakafina, Will Ferell, and Kenan Thompson provide some laughs in this commercial despite Norway producing more cars than the United States per capita. 

1) Cadillac: Similar to last year’s commercial which was a tribute to the 1993 Bill Murray comedy Groundhog Day. A sequel to the 1991 Tim Burton movie Edward Scissorhands sees Timothée Chalamet star as his son as he goes through his day. This gets points for its great visuals, which replicate the aesthetic of the original film, while Chamlet does a pretty good job portraying the son of Edward Scissorhands that if there was a remake of the movie, I feel he would be perfect for the role.