Kick-Off to a New Year

Sierra van Wijk, Staff Writer

If you weren’t one of the few students who got “lost” on their way to the gymnasium on Friday the 20th of September, then you were witness to a fall assembly in honor of the fall sports teams. All teams made it out to show their school spirit and dedication to their art. 

As usual, telling apart the grades was no challenge. The seniors proudly paraded around with their large flags and cultural representation. The juniors showcased an unusual theme of Spooky SZN in traditional Halloween colors. The sophomores decided to take on the theme of Bad and Boujie, while their banner poked fun at the freshmen with the use of the VSCO girl meme currently circling the internet, primarily placed upon the Class of ‘23. And as expected the Freshmen showed up in their Teaneck High T-shirts handed out at Freshman Orientation, desperately trying to ignore the traditional booing of their grade during the grade call. 

Though all grades were uniquely identifiable, they all banded together to present their indistinguishable pride for the school teams. As the multiple teams ran out, the cheers could be heard from the streets. The Football team, Girls Tennis and Volleyball teams, and Girls and Boys Cross Country and Soccer teams presented their varsity team stars with yells, screams and nicknames. The rare handshakes could be seen from every corner of the room as the players provided examples of the close friendships found on the teams. 

But there is no denying the underlying long awaited anticipation for the Teaneck High Flag Twirlers to come out. And as expected, they did not disappoint. The hours of practice and late nights came through with the girls’ skillful control of the flags and synchronized dances. The proud junior and senior captains stood out in their inverted colors of white dresses with a blue strip while the rest of the twirlers wore blue dresses with a white stripe. Following the twirlers the cheerleaders came out to provide some cheering for the crowd. Dressed in all black they flipped and chanted their way through a strong routine. Once finished the twirlers came out once again for their last hoorah with another dance piece, this time in jeans and a white THS t-shirts, similar to the Freshman Class theme. Again, they danced their hearts out to popular songs and elicited cheers all around. 


As the afternoon ran to a close the hosts of the event finished up with their closing remarks and acknowledgements. And of course, one final grade call. One thing is for sure, at the end of that pep rally everyone wanted to be a part of a team.