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Family Traditions

  I decided to talk about all my holiday traditions because it is all special and memorable to me. All traditions bring families closer together and that is why my family has so many family traditions. My family has a lot of younger kids and I am the oldest out of all of them and we are a family of 25. 

      One of the traditions that we do on Thanksgiving is that we always start our secret Santa process so that way my family has time to buy the gifts. I remember as far as when I was a kid it was always fun to open gifts on Christmas Eve and find out who is the person that got you but on Christmas Day we open our gifts that our parents give us. Last year my mom got me a record player and it was so cool, it was the best gift. When we mostly get the gifts, it’s either Black Friday or Cyber Monday. On Christmas Eve, we either dress up and the little ones match dresses or each family matches pjs, like for example me, my mom, dad, and sibling have our own matching pjs and my aunt’s and my grandma have their own matching pjs with their family. We open up our secret Santa gifts on Christmas Eve then we dance and play bingo and sleep over at the family member’s house that is hosting it. I remember every time we had so much fun on Christmas Eve, everyone would wake up sick the next day but not too sick where they have to stay in bed, that’s how you know we had fun. We have so many activities that we do for Christmas Eve, we play Just Dance or the Slide Shuffle and the Cupid Shuffle and etc. A few Christmas Eve’s I remember we used to paint birdhouses and decorate gingerbread houses and Santa stockings cookies  and then we eat them after. 

       On Christmas Day our tradition is mostly go see the big tree, big ornaments and watch the light show in NYC.. Other times we go ice skating in Central Park but we always eat at Olive Garden but if not my mom cooks her famous lasagna. On New Year’s Eve we always stay home because my family are all nurses and always work on that day. Every other day before or after Christmas we watch Christmas movies or when it’s snowing we play with the snow and then go home and drink hot cocoa and watch Christmas movies. 

     Other than Christmas and New Years or snow, other traditions are every event we have. We always make it fun by doing the big parties because that’s our thing and we like to make every tradition or moment really memorable because we don’t live around each other. Last tradition my family has is me and my parents and siblings go to Virginia every summer because we just love it there, it is the best place to just go and relax. Every time we go they have live music and the weather is nice and warm, it’s really nice there.  

    These are the biggest family traditions my family has and I believe that every family or friends should have them because it is a memory and it’s a warm loving good feeling to have and I would love to pass down all these traditions with my kids and hopefully their kids.

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