Art Can Take You to a Different Dimension

Naomi Walcott, Staff Writer

The first one, very much caught my attention, It was sketched so meaning black and white. The door, in the middle of nowhere on that steep-like thing, looks like something out of somebody’s dream. I like the mountains in the background, and the sun almost gives off an eerie feel like it is a different world, a different dimension. The white opening could mean that it is a body of water. I like how it fits into the mountains very well. The sky looks like it may be windy and chilly over there. It seems like a place you were supposed never to find but ended up finding it anyway. 

The second one was like a mystery to find out. It looks like an enlarged hole in a door, and inside if you look very closely you can see a bedroom. This may signify that somebody is always watching you. I feel like it gives that narrative like maybe somebody is being held prisoner and there is always somebody watching them, and keeping an eye on what they’re doing. Under something like this, you could feel paranoid and feel like somebody is out to get you. You can even rarely feel safe, again or at all. 

Overall, I feel like the exhibition was very interesting. I saw a lot of pieces of art that each held their meaning. The sculptures that I saw were very nice and unique pieces of art. Seems like a lot of hard work and dedication took place during the creation of them. 

I got the time to interview Mr. Calello, the art teacher and in some words he said, “Celebration of all work that has been done the entire year by all the artists.. Always call an art show “a party..Have favorites of pieces; most attracted to sculptures. The track runner “phenomenal.”