THS Activities

Katy Chang, Staff Writer

When asked about activities at Teaneck High School, there are a many number of clubs, sports, or organizations that might come to mind. However for most, the Teaneck Orchestra isn’t the first thing they might think of. The Teaneck Orchestra is a public string ensemble any student at the high school can take as a class, learning and perfecting both the playing and performing aspect of string instruments. 

The orchestra is divided by instrument, those being violin, viola, cello, and bass if available. There are usually a handful of students in each section. The more experienced players being first chair, followed by second chair, and so on. The amount of each “chair” group varies by orchestra. Each group has a leader, called the section leader, with varying responsibilities. There may also be a concertmaster, the individual tasked with looking after the section leaders. Then you have the conductor, who teaches the class and brings together all the different instruments and players. 

To learn more about the Teaneck Orchestra, I interviewed Joseph Campbell, a student violinist and the orchestra’s concertmaster. When asked what he liked about the orchestra, he said, “I like being able to play my instrument in an ensemble setting, as that is truly so much greater than solo playing.” For those who enjoy playing a string instrument by themselves and are unsure of joining the orchestra, these are words to consider. Joseph Campbell also highly recommends joining the orchestra for anyone who might be interested in playing an instrument but do not have any experience, stating, “Our current orchestrate director, Mr Hochgesang, is very capable. I would recommend everyone to learn an instrument, and for many, a string instrument might just be the one for them.” 

The Teaneck High Orchestra also performs twice a year in concerts. The Orchestra recently performed on December 8th. If you are interested in supporting, playing, or even just a night listening to a string ensemble, come out to support the Teaneck High Orchestra.