THS Art Show

Olivia Gonzalez, Staff Writer

On April 28, Teaneck High hosted its annual art show. This show displayed the various projects that students worked on throughout the year in the different courses offered at THS. Some of the pieces included drawings, ceramics, paper mache sculptures, paintings, and more. 

One part of the show I really enjoyed was the digital art portion that included “animated portraits”. These portraits had multi-colored pictures of the artists with words that they felt best described them moving around their pictures. The words were displayed in funky fonts and were paired with music to match each of the students’ unique personalities and vibes. 

Finally, a piece that caught my eye was Nicole Dipre’s piece titled “Underrepresentation”. Her piece was a beautiful rendition of the famous piece “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer. Nicole’s painting is a twist on the original, in her piece the girl being painted is black, she has thick curly hair, and glowing skin. I believe her piece is meant to point out the beauty in representation and diversity in art. Painting people of color in traditionally Caucasian and European pieces to show that classic pieces like this one, should not be limited to a single skin color or ethnicity, and can even be made more eye-catching and impactful, when it represents different types of people.