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Meet Danayia

   Danayia Ashley, a devoted student at Teaneck High school, not only is devoted about her work but is also self empowerment that makes her be independent. Let’s look more about her and her life. 

Danayia Ashley is from Brooklyn but her parents are from Jamaica and Cuba. Danayia is very humble and nice to others. One of her most favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and New Years. Now you might be asking “why?” Danayia loves Thanksgiving because she is with family and loves eating her favorite food. She is the most humble and nice person that she is very forgivable . 

Outside of school Danayia reads a lot of stuff that interests her like self care and she likes to read things that can change her mindset on certain topics and leave her open minded. Now all of those things can benefit her. In her free time she shops and enjoys going out with friends to try new things. If there’s extra time she enjoys napping or relaxing with a self care day.

 What’s wrong with giving yourself a lot of love, Danayia Ashely is a very independent woman and her dream life looks like being her own boss and not having to rely on anyone. She wants to be able to have that freedom to have a fixable life where she can take care of herself by resting. 

Danayia Ashley is a person that works hard, she loves to make her own money. She is the most beautiful person and her style is unique and one of the things she loves about herself. Speaking of uniqueness, the thing that makes her unique is her personality and the way that she has the mindset of making it in life and her work ethic and how she balances work and school with the activities she enjoys doing. 

In Danayia Ashley’s lifetime career, she wants to do something in the medical field but hasn’t decided yet.   

 In conclusion, this is all about Danayia Ashely and who she is as a person, a friend and get to know her personality. 

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