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Sweet Family Time

Holidays are a time for joy, love, memories, and traditions. The traditions that are made during the holidays hold a special place in everyone’s heart once made. Traditions create long lasting memories for everyone who was there to celebrate them and they will carry these memories throughout their lives. This is what my family does for a holiday tradition. 

One of my favorite traditions is when my cousins, siblings, and I all go to one house for the whole winter break and celebrate the Christmas spirit for the whole week until Christmas. Every year we go to my dad’s house and it’s like we are all a big family living in one house. We all talk about how life is going, giggle at each other’s jokes, play games, and make things for the Christmas tree. Once it starts to snow we all go outside with our hats, boots, coats, and gloves on and play in the snow. Most of the time we start snowball fights and we play out there for what seems like forever.

 After that we all go back in the house and get changed into Christmas pjs and head to the kitchen where you would smell hot chocolate and cinnamon all around the house and see the hot chocolate station. You would see mugs with snowmen, Santa, or gingerbread men on them, big and small marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles in different shapes, and hot chocolate all ready for us to drink. Once we all get the things we want into our hot chocolates we all go to the living room and watch Christmas movies, chat, and play games. After a while my dad would get Christmas donuts and my step-mom would make cookies for us all to eat. Once we are done we all start to go buy the Christmas tree and put all the lights and ornaments on it. We laugh, look at all the pretty ornaments and enjoy the one time we will see each other all together in one place and cherish this moment.

Holiday traditions are not just anything, they are memories we will always cherish and think of when it’s almost time to start celebrating them.


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