Art Show Review

Brandon Morales-Ortiz, Staff Writer

Come one, come all! Teaneck High School’s Annual Art Show is now underway in the Media Center. Within walls full of books, a trove of artwork and creativity awaits.

Even outside the room, artwork flows through the main entrance. Paintings and drawings formed buffers against brick walls, resting on tall easels. From the very start, it is clear there is no shortage of imagination and talent.

On one side, there could be a cartoon-style exhibit of a family. On another, a surreal image of a masked figure holding a coffee cup. With both hands on the beverage, the subject looks down with their eyes hidden behind a cap, alone on their voyage.

Inside, more artwork rests. The floor hosts a large plate, struck with smaller tablets carrying a hidden message. Towards the left, a temporary display features digital artwork and self-portraits. From the very ceiling, paper constructs hang overhead while a video shows a montage of featured works.

However, one exhibit stands out in particular. In the back, a section of pottery rests on tables. A small star is among them, shining in between the fray. The only piece with a lid and a ribbed, layered exterior, the jar seems to call out for contents. Perhaps it will someday hold cookies.

There is much more flavor to the show than what meets the eye. While it may be annual, the emotions evoked by the beautiful artwork are entirely unique.