2022 Art Show

Zoe Gibson, Staff Writer

The entire premise of the 2022 Art show was to highlight the talented Teaneck High School art students. The students were in classes from Art 1 to AP Art to Digital Art. The exhibit included sculptures of pop culture trends and political statements to paintings that highlight the mental health of students. 

Some pieces that really stood out to me included a sculpture of Spongebob and digital art students’ self-portraits. When you first walk into the show you can see a sculpture of what looks to be a clock at first. Upon closer inspection, it is a birth control pill holder. Every pill had writing on it. The pills spelled out: “Why is all the pressure put on us not to get pregnant when they’re the ones with sperm. Birth control shouldn’t just be the responsibility of women.” The artist, Junior Alyssa Vazquez, spoke to me about the piece. “The responsibility of pregnancy has always been put on women as if it’s not a two-person job. The amount of layers and interpretations of this piece makes me love it even more. Everyone sees it differently and feels differently. It starts a controversy, which sparks change.”