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Meet Jaylene

Jaylene moved to Teaneck from the Bronx in 8th grade and has attended school here since. She doesn’t enjoy being here at the school, but she does feel like it’s better than where she came from. Some things she would change to enjoy her school experience is to have students and staff be more open to talking about clubs where it’s easier to get involved. 

Her motivation comes from her family and thoughts about how her future is going to be makes her want to change her life around for the better. 

Some goals that she is focusing on at the moment is to graduate highschool and one long term goal is to be successful in life by being an entrepreneur and having her own business so that she doesn’t have to worry about income, also so that she can be happy with her family.

In her free time she enjoys doing makeup and skin care to keep herself busy and relax. Jaylene is unique in her own way and what makes her unique is her personality, the way she cares and helps others.

  Everyone tends to have strengths and weaknesses. One of Jaylene’s weaknesses is the need to please everyone and make everyone happy first and how forgiving she is. One strength she does have is writing, she writes stories and can comprehend literature more than any other subject.

One core memory that Jaylene has and treasures  is when she went to her favorite museum and her boyfriend surprised her with a promise ring and then took her to her favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.

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