Who is Luis?

Ashley Bryant , Staff Writer

Getting to Know Luis

Luis was born sometime in May which makes him a Taurus. He has lived in New Jersey, specifically Teaneck, almost all of his life, and he can’t WAIT to get out of here and leave. 

He is Mexican, and his family LOVES to barbeque, so there are many barbeques, and they play board games every Friday. Although, in his free time, Luis catches himself sitting back, and going on Netflix or YouTube, or sometimes if it’s a nice day he’ll go to the park. 

Luis isn’t quite yet sure on what he wants to be just yet, but he has thought about perhaps being a math teacher, since that is his strongest subject and is good at that, BUT he also does love fashion. So who knows? Maybe he’ll go into some field revolving around that!

At the current moment his favorite color is green, but it is incredibly hard to choose a favorite color. I mean, they’re all really pretty. 

His favorite food would have to be pizza, but of course it is important to know what type of pizza… who knows maybe they would have liked pineapple on pizza.. YIKES! But no, don’t worry, it’s pepperoni. Thank goodness.

This summer he (Luis) went on a lovely vacation to Vermont. To him, the only good part about the vacation was going hiking with family, going swimming of course, and overall just being cozy in the cabin he stayed in. 

Luis really enjoys days that are calming and overall relaxing. As he should though, those days HAVE to be one of the best things ever! Who wouldn’t want to sit back and relax? Not having to do/worry about anything, etc.

On the other hand, he dislikes super hectic/busy days. Which is VERY understandable. I mean who would ever enjoy those days instead of just relaxing at your own comfort. Just the thought of crazy hectic and busy days makes me cringe.

And lastly, Luis’ favorite type of music genre/ music type would have to be R&B (rhythm and blues), he has good taste in genres!  R&B must be one of the BEST genres there is, besides pop, etc. his favorite song would have to be nights by Frank Ocean. Again, his taste in music is GOOD! I would recommend nights by Frank Ocean. A very good song if you ask me.