What advice would you give to younger students?

My advice to the younger grades is to always stay focused. Always put yourself first and do what’s best for you. Your junior year is your most important year so it’s the year you have to grow up and become more mature and stay on top of your work. It’s the year that’s going to either make you or break you. It can be very hard at times but you have all the resources to do well. From 11th grade and the rest of your school career is what’s going to set you in life so definitely be serious about what you want your future to be like.

-Jaylah Belton

Talk to your guidance counselor because they are A LOT of help, stay on top of your grades, maintain a strong GPA, and focus on your mental health.

-Ashley Bryant

I would advise younger students to just focus on getting in all of your homework. Homework all together can just change a person’s overall grade. I was never good with test’s, sometimes I would do good, sometimes bad. Due to me doing my homework, I still had a good grade. Another tip would be just to focus on yourself. Disengage from social media, and take time to find your better self. School, and home life can be stressful so it’s vital to just catch a breather. You have to find balance and time management while doing this. Without balance, you will either fry your brain or your grades. Lastly, enjoy high school, because time really does fly by.

-Quentin Cloud

Office hours are your best friend, 100% go to them. If you’re struggling in a class, your teacher is literally offering what is basically one on one time (cause no one ever goes) to go over what you missed. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. If you have a test and think you’re good on review, you’re not. go to office hours. you’ll thank yourself later.

-Joselyn D’agostino

Life is only as great as you make it. I would tell them that they will go through ups and downs but to reflect on the ups more than the downs. In the grand scheme of things that one missing assignment isn’t the end of the world. 

-Zurae Eastmond

I’d tell incoming freshmen to try and focus on time management and minimizing procrastination.

-Olivia Gonzalez

Pick classes you have high interest in and if there aren’t that many pick ones that touch on academic areas you’re skilled in.

-Adale Gouldburne

Get your work done on time.

-Kamryn Hill

The advice I would give to younger students would be to not slack off on school work but not dedicate everything to school. You’re still in your youth and you should enjoy the time you have now because the teachers are right, time does fly.

-Luis Loaiza

Get to class early and do the work as fast as possible

-Branden Moore

Younger students should try their hardest. Later on, their grades are going to be unchangeable and if they do poorly, their first years will weigh them down. Even if they aren’t all As, getting the best results you can sets you up for success. They should also enjoy their lives outside of school. You’ll want good memories with your friends before your time together ends.

-Brandon Morales-Ortiz

I would tell them to focus on their grades and to not skip school on purpose because they can get their credits removed from specific classes which will affect their GPA.

-Brianna Morocho-Acosta

Focus on keeping up your GPA all throughout school. It is important and you aren’t hurting anyone other than yourself damaging it. No friends, activities, or events are worth dropping it, but still, enjoy your high school experience to the fullest. Join that club, make that new friend, this doesn’t last forever and the only thing stopping you is uncertainty. The worst thing to happen is rejection, then life goes on. If you don’t enjoy school right now, this is only a short phase in your life, just rough it out or even make the change if that’s possible. Don’t suffer to please anyone, put yourself first while benefiting yourself.

-Petula Philp

I would tell them to choose wisely in what classes they want and that the school will need some time to get used to, and I would tell them that it’s good if they keep good people in their lives with them because not all of your friends in high school stay with you.

-Keisi Prado

For any incoming freshmen, I would advise to get involved in school – whether its clubs, sports, activities, anything that sparks your interest. You will learn a lot about yourself in these situations. I also advise to get good grades – it sounds cliche but it will come to bite you later in your high school career. Be social but practice good judgment of people and stay grounded.

-Stephanie Stowers

Make sure to complete assignments on time (don’t wait till the very last second).

-Jailyn Wade