Thanksgiving Food Traditions

Quentin Cloud, Staff Writer

I think we all can agree that mac & cheese is the most important side dish on Thanksgiving. Every year on Thanksgiving, it is a tradition to have family over and feast together. But there is also a tradition of foods too. Everybody has their turkeys or ham. Then some mac & cheese. After that It varies depending on your family, and what they like to cook. Mine makes yams, and mashed potatoes. With a side of vegetables, like cabbage or greens. Dressing, and stuffing cannot be ignored either. They are vital to the holiday as well. Cranberry sauce usually gets made, and nobody eats it. So it is part of the tradition too. Desert consists of homemade things. There are all different types of cakes and pies. No cookies though, that’s more of a Christmas tradition. Pies like sweet potato or pumpkin. Personally, sweet potato is the one. Usually we eat a pound cake as well. Probably missing some things, but everybody’s food traditions are different. What are some of the best Thanksgiving food dishes?