THS Art Show- SpongeBob

Brianna Morocho-Acosta, Staff Writer

In this art show we have seen many unique and spectacular artwork. One of the pieces that caught my attention was the round SpongeBob. Although saying this may seem funny to many, it isn’t because many cartoon shows have deep meaning behind them. This episode where SpongeBob is round is called “not normal.” This episode is where SpongeBob is running to Squidward asking him how to become normal. SpongeBob changed the way he looks like his buck teeth, holes, and way of acting. He stopped doing fun things as it wasn’t considered normal. His best friend Patrick then decides to leave SpongeBob because SpongeBob would critique him and the things he did. SpongeBob later on went to Squidward and started pointing out facial features, he went on saying how that isn’t normal. Squidward kicked him out and SpongeBob realized that being normal isn’t as nice as it sounded. SpongeBob later with the help of Patrick got to become his old self again. This episode basically is saying that you don’t have to change to be perfect or fit in. It shows that it’s not wrong to be ourselves. All of us aren’t normal people because we all have some weird hobby. For example, I like to watch crime cases in my free time. For some people it’s normal, but for others it’s weird because why would you want to know about people dying? I never mentioned this to anyone until I met someone who liked watching crime cases and wanted to be in the same department as me. Knowing the history behind the SpongeBob artwork really reminded me to be myself.