Winter Fun

Sydni House, Staff Writer

When most people think of the word winter, they think of the season, the name or the holidays. When I think of Winter I think about the festivities that are soon to come and the snow. 

On the East Coast we get tons of snow but not everyone gets to experience that. The feeling of running outside to build snowmen and make angels is unmatched. 

When I was little, I’d look forward to snowstorms because that meant I most likely wouldn’t have school the next day. I would try all types of tricks to make sure we wouldn’t too like putting spoons under my pillow, putting ice cubes in the toilet and most importantly singing songs. 

I decided to look up what makes winter the best season and this is what came up, holiday movies, family, cozy indoors, and layers of clothes. 

In my opinion winter is the second best season because of Christmas and also my birthday. My family genuinely looks forward to winter because this is the season of new  beginnings. It’s the best time to be together with your family/friends and others that you love. For the most part everyone is looking forward to the holidays so they’re in the giving spirit. You don’t have to worry about mosquitos, bumble bees, or any other insect that’s around during the summer time. 

As for the holidays, it’s the time to give back and still receive something even if it’s not a  physical gift. This is the time to see others happy and everyone should cherish that.