All About Zoe

Glenn Ankton, Staff Writer

My peer Zoe was born in Passaic county but moved to Teaneck when she was five years old and has been here since. You can tell this is the right class for her because when she gets older she wants to be a journalist. You can tell she’s a very nice person because she believes in second chances and appreciates the things people do for her. For example she shouted out her friend’s mom for taking her wherever she wants and listening to her in times of need. Her favorite things to do are take care of herself and watch movies. She doesn’t seem like a materialistic person because she’d rather be happy then have the most money. Her ethnicity is Italian and Ghanaian also her favorite colors are green and light pink. Zoe’s favorite artists are Billy Joel, Abba, and J Cole. Plus she has many pets like a dog named Titan and three hermit crabs. She’s not the type of person to be the center of attention, so she doesn’t see herself being famous because she doesn’t enjoy the spotlight. Zoe believes working hard and being kind but assertive will make her successful. Finally Zoe believes the meaning of life is, “at the end of the day being happy and staying positive is the meaning of life.