Grey’s Anatomy

Sydni House, Staff Writer

Would you watch a tv show full of doctors running around a hospital promoting their love lives? I would. The show I chose to review was Grey’s Anatomy which was created by Shonda Rhimes in 2005. Grey’s Anatomy is about young interns soon to be surgeons who strive to be great at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital and beyond. Most interns face multiple woes throughout the seventeen seasons of the show which cause them to fail or sometimes succeed from their mistakes. 

The main characters who started were Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, Alex Karev, George O’Malley, & Izzie Stevens. Along each episode people will enter the hospital with an extravagant injury and the interns will be expected to put their skills to the test and save them. Besides the obvious point, the interns seem to bring their complicated love lives and personal problems into the emergency room and sometimes patients will get involved. 

Every Thursday at 9 pm Eastern time the show brings a ton of viewers to watch this medical tv drama. The show streams on Hulu, Netflix, YouTube TV, Fubo TV, Philo, Amazon Prime Video, ABC, and Apple TV. In conclusion, I give this show a 10/10 because I’ve built an emotional connection to the characters and I’ve re-watched it so many times. I’d definitely recommend it if you love to laugh or cry all day and all night.