Girls Fencing: A Growing Sport

Sierra Ochoa, Staff Writer

As fencing is becoming a more popular, our team has been doing great. Last year, their record of wins to losses was 13-3. “Last year we had a phenomenal season, we were the champions of our league and I am very proud” says Ms. Pat Lawrence, the coach of girls fencing. “We have a strong epee squad, a strong saber squad, and we are working on our foil squad.” The epee squad targets the whole body; the saber targets the waist up, while the foil only targets the torso. “The girls are stepping up,” says Coach Lawrence.  “I’m very proud and they are improving.” Fencing is being seen as a growing sport in New Jersey and there have been lots of new leagues and teams. As I talked to the coach about this, she told me how much fencing has really grown in New Jersey. “When I started coaching there were 25 teams and now there are 55+.”

As I watched their practice, I saw how the team worked together as a team very easily, and how it seemed like they moved as one. They are a very skilled team. As I interviewed the girls, they told me how they joined the team and how much they felt they were improving. Overall, I feel like the girls will have an amazing season.