Videogames and Snowball Fights

Francois Charlot, Staff Writer

Last year on Christmas Eve what my family does is we all get together to play games, if it’s snowing we snowball fight, we make snow angels. Usually on Christmas me and my family have a lot of events we do to keep ourselves occupied until 12:00 and when it’s 12:00 we all open one gift. 


Last year we did secret Santa so it was so fun. My secret Santa was my mom and she got me some shoes. When we have these fun times, time goes by so fast. We have a lot of food like mac and cheese, potatoes, fried chicken, empanadas, rice, collard greens, beans, ribs, ham, lamb chops, steak, corn, banana pudding, cake, lobsters, shrimp, cookies and carrots. That’s what we do during Christmas Eve in my family. Christmas Eve is a get together.