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Everyone has their own beliefs.

Some people believe in what they see or sometimes they just want to believe in something that gives them hope or faith in their lives. Everyone has hopes and dreams but darkness always finds its way to make you feel alone and poke your weakness.

Based on a true story.

Growing up my religion was catholic. I went to church with my grandma every Sunday, and every Friday and on the days we couldn’t go, my grandma and I stood at home watching ( la misa), in other words, a live video watching the church. 

Now let me explain what Catholic churches believe in. They believe in the “oneness of god and trinity” (the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit) and yes we pray to Santa María, who is Jesus Christ’s mother. 

My whole life I believed that there was a god and there was a point where my mom started taking me to Sunday school to get my first communion, that was a struggle for her because I didn’t want to go but back then I didn’t understand anything, it took a long process to understand what was church, etc. But growing up, there were a lot of “legends or tales” of scary catholic churches. All my friends were Catholic, so I didn’t learn or know other religions, but what tale that stuck with me has to do with Santa Maria Now before I tell you, grab a blanket and some hot cocoa because, on this snowy night, you will be in tears from what I’m about to tell you. 

When I was 8 or 7 years old, I used to go to an after-school program. This program used to keep the kids active or entertained until our parents picked us up at 5:00. We did a lot of activities, we had trips, and we also did homework. Every time this after-school program started my friends and I always would have games to play or gossip about random stuff but this time we did storytelling, but my best friend’s story wasn’t a story it was more like something happened to her that she was venting to us about. 

So as every catholic believer, we would have posters of Jesus up or the Pope or Santa Maria, some people would have statues of Santa Maria or even a candle. What my friend experienced is what my family experienced too. One day she was in her room falling asleep and it seemed to her that she was hearing something, like someone was sobbing or crying but from a far distance and this was going on for about a few nights.  She never wanted to open her eyes because she was afraid but there was this one night she heard the crying again, this time it was louder but believing in the little statue of Maria on her chest, on that night, she felt the courage to open her eyes. Of course, when she opened her eyes she didn’t see anything so she got up, to open her room door to see if there was anyone there and when that door opened all she heard was, “ A dónde está mi niños” (“ where is my son”). To this day it makes me have chills and tear up, I never slept facing up ever again. 

Now yes, you’re probably like “Okay that can be something she made up” but like I said people have different beliefs in different opinions, but after she told me that, something from her attached itself to me. After that story had been told the neighbor across from me had passed, now yes, everyone passes away, What a coincidence? But it was the week of our summer break starting and my mom had planned to go to Great Wolf Log. The night before we left I couldn’t sleep so I stood up trying to fall asleep by watching a few videos. My grandma was in the Dominican Republic (D.R.) but every time she visited, she had her own rocking chair and had to sleep in my bed while my brother and I had to share the top bed. So I’ll give you a quick background story. My brother and I had to live in a one-bedroom apartment. My parents took the room and my brother and I were sleeping in a bunk bed in a hallway right next to the living room and kitten. So the night before we left for our trip I stood up late, it was three in the morning when I saw the time. It was so quiet that if you dropped anything I would hear it. It started with my grandma’s chair, it was rocking back and forth for five minutes then it stopped. It sounded like someone had walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. At this point, I was so creeped out that I actually was trying to make myself sleep but I opened my eyes for a split second the TV turned on and stayed on for the whole night. 

In the morning when I woke up, I asked my parents if they found the TV on and said yes that it was creepy and told them what happened and of course they didn’t believe me!  A few years passed by and we moved out and went to Jersey, my aunt and her kids moved into my old apartment but they couldn’t last a year there. My aunt claimed that she saw a shadow figure at the edge of her bed and heard her daughter calling her name but when she checked her daughter was asleep the whole time. 

So as I got older I heard more stories and other people’s experiences and even researched Ed and Lorraine Warren’s experiences with paranormal investigations but at the end of the day everyone’s beliefs are different, they only believe until they see it. 

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