Dream Party

Luis Loaiza    , Staff Writer

Your friends ask you if you want to go to a party on Friday and you reply with the same old “oh I can’t go guys my mom wont let me.” Disappointed, your friends plan on going anyway.  Yourself, relieved that you don’t have to go actually encounter people in the party. You know you should go and open up more with the people around you. Throughout the rest of the week leading up to Friday you realize that maybe you should go because all of your friends are going. You sense that maybe it is for the best. You haven’t been to one since like 2019. It can be a release to all of your stress and anxiety that you have been experiencing throughout the pandemic. Friday finally comes and you decide on actually going. You go and finally realize that it was for the best to come. You open up to people and things seem to be better than expected. A little too well… eventually you meet up with your best friends and they’re surprised to see you there. They’re happy because everyone is together now. You start to have even more fun and actually start dancing. Throughout the night you just have happy thoughts about life and the good people around you. You open your eyes and see neon lights shining on the dance floor and  think “I should do this more.” You have so much fun and you rest for a bit and wonder how you even get there in the first place. But reciprocate all your feelings and feel ecstatic because it’s literally your first party back since the pandemic and you feel like this was worth it.

You then wake up from your alarm and it says 6:23AM. You were dreaming. Sad that the dream is over, you go to school disappointed but then your friends hit you up asking if you want to go to the party on Friday.