Derek Chauvin Goes On Trial

Madison Griffin, Staff Writer

During the month of May in 2020 the tragic death of George Floyd occurred, thus resulting in both public outcry and global protests. Now, nearly a year later, Derek Chauvin, the alleged perpetrator of his death, is being put on trial. Despite the court case already having begun just two days ago starting with jury selection it is expected that opening arguments will not be relayed until March 29th. In this case Derek faces the charges of unintentional second degree murder, second degree manslaughter and more recently the charge of third degree murder was added which was at first rejected by the judge but has now been reinstated. 


Chavuin’s defense plans to plead not guilty as a result of his efforts to defend himself from Floyd, as will the other officers involved in George Floyd’s murder whom are impending a trial for some time in August. If you are interested in watching the coverage of this court case The Washington Post will be covering it via YouTube.  


For additional background information on the expiration of George Floyd please click here. 


Update: After this article was published, Derek Chauvin was convicted in the murder of George Floyd and is set to be sentenced on June 16th.