Beckoning Our Flags For Biden

Sydni House, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, January 20th our very own Teaneck Highschool Flag Twirlers were able to participate in the parade across America for our 47th President, Joe Biden. Joseph R. Biden was recently installed as the 47th President of the United States Of America and Teaneck was more than happy to show their support.

The THS Twirlers were chosen out of many other groups to represent all of New Jersey for this very special occasion. This opportunity was given to us by Candace Gutherie, a student and junior captain on our team.

For me, this event was very near and dear to my heart because I have a passion for being on the camera and being able to be seen by people all over the world makes me super happy. This was once of the best things I’ve been able to experience in my sixteen years of life and I’m super grateful.

Although it was extremely cold, I have not stopped receiving compliments and congratulations for me and my team. Being a part of something that was streamed worldwide and streamed for the president made me realize how much I need to continue to take pride in things I like to do.