I love walking. The mere word invokes sweat, blood, and tears to many, an arduous trek to the outside. Or just to the table for a remote. This was the case for me, especially as a child. Small children never seem to cooperate with their parents. I was no exception. Begging, kicking, and screaming never saved me either. Once I was plopped outside, the forces of nature always compelled me to walk. Returning home to my couch was also a strong motivator. However, senior year changed my perceptions. After months in quarantine, I unexpectedly lost my mind. As it turns out, people are social creatures. Extended periods of isolation are not always healthy for us. I entered the quarantine almost eagerly. The chance to attend school from the comfort of my home was captivating. No longer would I have to deal with participation, paper cuts, or tying my shoes. Why, I could even attend school in pajamas! It quickly became stale, however, once I realized I had no one to talk to. Sure, I could text, but I missed the fun of being alongside others. Lonely, I decided to step outside and walk around. Golden sun rays fall from the heavens, piercing my glasses and slowly toasting my skin. A gentle breeze hits me, sending some relief and dust into my face. Green grass, silky leaves, and cracked concrete fill the remainder of the area. I walk down the street, careful not to disturb the delicate suburban environment. The wrong step could bring out a fearsome bundle of fur, more commonly known as a ‘pet’. Despite my fear of a sudden attack, nothing happened. No branches snapped at me, no birds dove, nothing. The only thing in the air was oxygen, alongside the scent of food. With shoddy blinds sealing the entrance, I returned to my bed. After an eternity of restlessness, nothing could wake me up that night. Legs continue to withstand the test of time, from prehistoric years to the modern era. Each season brings something new, from blasting heat to Arctic airs. My friends are now in-person, but the joys of walking haven’t changed. No matter the time, I yearn for the chance to spread my legs and enjoy nature.

Fun Through Walking

Brandon Morales-Ortiz, Staff Writer
June 13, 2022
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