Meet Camilla

Ariana Munoz Giraldo, Staff Writer

I got to interview my classmate Camilla, she is 14 years old and has lived in Teaneck since 5th grade. Currently, Camilla is in 10th grade. She was born in Ecuador and lived there for two years, later on, she moved to Italy for four years. Camila explained that she liked living in Italy even though she was young and her memories are very few. After four years of living in Italy, she moved to New York to live in the Bronx. She didn’t enjoy living there as much as she had enjoyed living in Italy. She said that is okay, she had friends and people who knew her around her area. She liked living there up until 5th grade when she moved to Teaneck. 

Currently, Camilla is a high school student.  Who doesn’t have a favorite subject? However, Spanish is her favorite class. Her favorite extracurricular activity is swimming. She has been swimming since she was seven. It is one of her favorite things to do, other than reading and watching the show Shameless. Her favorite character would have to be Debby or Lip. Now that Camilla is a sophomore she is trying hard to do the best she can in her classes and her swimming. 

Camilla has a very close relationship with her mom. She enjoys spending time with her and talking to her about the school, shows, etc. Camilla likes hoodies and the fall weather, she also loves the princess movie Tangled, which she has been watching since she was little. Camila has loved the main love interest Flynn Rider since she was young. Camilla also loves to read romance. She reads on Wattpad and fiction books that her friends or peers recommend. 

Lastly, Camilla is very sociable and kind, she can make friends easily and she is a great friend, I would know because she is my friend, she is funny, smart, cool, and lastly kind. Camilla is a great person and friend.