Teaneck High School Unveils its New App

Chyan Rivera, Editor-in-Chief

In January, Teaneck High School debuted a new application that students can use to keep up with school events. The app has direct links to the THS twitter account which tweets announcements, as well as links to the calendar, teacher contact information, printable forms, directions, documents, the lunch menu, and more!

This app is an extremely useful tool for students because it allows them to quickly access information that they would otherwise go without knowing. Compared to the main website, the app is much better because it has a plethora of information all in one place and most importantly, it is easy to navigate. With one click you can make a hall pass, see the balance of your lunch account, or check what time the bell rings. The THS app is like a planner in your pocket!

It is good that Teaneck High School decided to roll out this application because although students are given passbooks, they often lose or never use them. However, students are more likely to utilize the amenities of an application than their passbooks simply because it is easy and electronic, two factors that dictate many decisions of 21st century teens. A round of applause is in order for the faculty and administration’s successful attempt to connect with and engage the student body by creating something so useful and innovative.