Fall Fashion Trends


Petula Philip, Staff Writer

During the season of autumn our environment displays beautiful different shades of a variety from reds to yellows. The colors that compliment these are boldly reflected in this season’s fashion. Fashion trends come and go, but they always come full circle for layers for the colder months. This generation loves to make use of contrasts of patterns and old trends in the recent past to add their own take to it. The 2010’s fashion statements are enhanced as we see skinny jeans and scarfs. This “Elana Gilbert” style haunts this season, her style represents simplicity that comes together. TikTok has a great impact on the fashion trends for this season as well. There is a desire to wear simple pieces and the main look being the makeup or hair. Making less use of cutouts and extra short things, attention is drawn elsewhere as everything is covered up. Leather pants, turtlenecks, long-sleeves, boots, these are all simple things that, with a twist, create unique different amazing fall outfits. The use of sweater vests, puffer jackets, scarves, and nearly anything to add layers makes a look more put together. The jacket can either be or not be a part of the outfit, but going the extra step helps us keep warmer. Paying tribute to favorite 2000’s shows like Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and Gilmore Girls who actually display this time of year, it contributes greatly to the development of these outfits while living in their own tv drama moment. Fall fashion reflects what our predecessors wore while trying to make it our own. The uggs always make a reappearance and heels turn to taller and taller boots. When all else fails, throwing a jacket on top of something that is cute but will keep you cold is the ultimate sacrifice.