A Gift For Your Valentine


Emily Anderson, Staff Writer

         Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you’re like me, have no idea what to get your significant other. But it’s easy once you know what they like. 

Simple things such as their favorite foods, movies, or places to go. Your gift doesn’t even have to be something material. A fun date or dinner at their favorite restaurant would make for a fun and romantic night. 

But if you do wanna get them something you could start out with the basics such as flowers, chocolates, jewelry or stuffed animals and you can add your own personal twist. You could get their favorite flowers or favorite chocolate. The stuffed animal could be their favorite too, or get a sweet charm bracelet or necklace, get creative with it. 

A good tip is that the more personal the gift, the more meaningful it will be. If this is the way you wanna go I suggest a homemade gift. A painting, a card, a picture collage, or a sweet letter just telling them how special they are. Also homemade gifts are a good idea if you are on a budget or don’t have that much money to spend on gifts. 

Another way to keep it personal is to get something they’ve been wanting. Maybe it’s a new video game or a really cute shirt or jacket they saw at the store. Maybe it’s a pair of shoes they’ve been dying to get. This shows that you pay attention to detail and can really make their day. 

But no matter what you get them the point of Valentine’s Day is to appreciate the ones you love so be sure to do that and have an amazing Valentines Day!