Riding a Bike

Riding a Bike

Daniel Maron, Staff Writer

It was hot and humid summer day, around mid-July or August. I was sitting in my air-conditioned room at around 4:00 PM doing nothing of course but watching Youtube videos. As I was watching the latest Pewdiepie video, when my dad comes in and asks if I want to continue my tutelage of learning how to ride a bike. I remembered from yesterday, my previous failure of riding a bike which ended up with having to walk home in tears afraid of potentially falling down and breaking a few bones. 

 Nonetheless I decided to put my fears on hold, accept my dad’s offer, and headed outside to ride my bike. The hot sun continued to burn my flesh and caused so much sweat to drip from me that I almost looked like a cake that was about to melt. We then arrived at our usual practice spot, a street that had very few cars on the road on Sunday and then began to start our lesson.

The lesson started with the struggle of trying to pedal without my dad holding on to me. My dad started to grow irritated with my cowardice and tried to convince me to pedal strong without him holding onto me. At this point, I was starting to think about going back home and just laying on my bed. 

My dad then decided to give me a simple piece of advice which was “Don’t look at the ground when biking.”  I did just as I was told, thinking about how I succeeded in my task and finally accomplished something. We then went to Bischeofs to celebrate with ice cream. We then headed home and I finally decided to head for a nice cold shower and get some rest.