Thanksgiving Break

Daniel Maron, Staff Writer

The date was November, 2013 right after school, Thanksgiving break. My family had decided to travel to Rochester, New York for a Thanksgiving dinner with relatives. We packed the car for the long 8 hour journey, food, clothing, and LEGO’s where to accompany me to upstate New York. We then left at around 1:00 PM eastern standard time. Traveling through the familiar landscapes of New Jersey, straight through the local Toyota dealership and past the local Panera Bread.  

 We drove through the misty mountains of upstate New York, past the isolated homes and lone local Mcdonalds. We stopped for lunch in a local ghost town, we then decided to eat at the local Mcdonalds.  We then stuffed our faces with a small, processed burger, dry and wet fires, with a passable Cola, we made our through the ghost town. Passing the seemingly abandoned hardware store and movie theater, we then made our way back on the road to Rochester through the misty mountains.

The time now was 8:00 PM, eastern standard time, we were almost there at our local hotel where we would be staying for the night. Just then, I felt an incredible urge to use the bathroom at the worst of times. Trying to escape the terrifying reality of the situation, I then decided to at least play on my Iphone 5 where it soon went from bad to worse when I saw that the battery life on my phone  had dropped down to 5%. With the empty darkness of the late fall night, the urge to explode mentally and physically, and my phone on its last legs, it seemed that life was almost as if coming to an end. It was a miracle when we finally arrived at the hotel. After that, we soon unloaded all of our belongings and made our way to our hotel room where I hooked my Iphone 5 charger and Iphone up to the outlet near the widescreen TV and decided to settle down for a long cozy sleep preparing for the vacation that was to come.