Meet Emily Anderson

Sierra van Wijk, Staff Writer

If you took a quick glance around the hectic halls of Teaneck High School last year you might have noticed a fresh new face among the crowd. Newly transferred from the town of Garfield, Emily Anderson walked the halls unsure of her new environment and the people surrounding her. Others quickly pass her, used to the blank look of upcoming Freshman slowly moving and, quite frankly, getting in their way. But the difference is that Emily isn’t a Freshman, and she is really lost. Unlike what one might think, she doesn’t panic. She’s used to it. 

All her life, Emily has transferred from multiple towns following her birth in Passaic County. Her family is large and very diverse though consistently present throughout her childhood. Emily and her eight siblings are rather close. Ranging from ages 3 to 38, Emily is the fifth oldest at 17. As a senior now, within a year yet another sibling will leave the house to achieve bigger and better things when Emily goes off to college. 

That first day of school brought the usual awkward introductions, but before she knew it, she met her soon-to-be best friend. As time went on, fate would bring her a physics lab partner that would become much more,as her boyfriend, and part-time best friend. Though on that first day of school, it seemed impossible. A new place to get accustomed to, and making it worse, during her junior year was a daunting task to look ahead to. Yet Emily kept her head up and pushed forward. She would be the transfer that was meant to happen.