Emery Makes History


This year New Jersey finally gave girls wrestlers their own spotlight, and Teaneck’s own Erin Emery shined the brightest.

In the first ever girls state wrestling championship contested, Emery (12th grade), defeated Mia Lazaurs of Raritan in the 185-pound division.

Erin was very proud of her achievement and being part of history.

“It felt amazing being part of such a historic moment,” Emery said. “I started at 7 years old and I’ve always dreamed of something like that but never thought in a million years that it would actually happen.”

This capped a great season and four-year career for Erin who spent most of the time wrestling boys from other schools. She wrestled well in those matches and was more than prepared to face her opponents in the state tournament. The sense of accomplishment she felt was so satisfying.

“There’s no better feeling than having the referee raise your hand and telling you, ‘you did it, you are the first!'”

She joins a great group of Teaneck wrestling state champs, although she was the first one since Bob Willman to win in 1967. Erin became the 29th state champion to come out of Teaneck High School. But of course Erin’s win means so much more for what it stands for for her and other girls and Emery knows that.

“The best part about winning states was knowing that I had a lot of other little girls looking up to me and showing to them that they can do anything a guy can do and better.”