Reviewing the iPhone X


Sheldon Gomes, 10th Grade

Apple definitely took a risk in choosing to reinvent the design of the iPhone. The original models had sold so well in past years that it came as a shock to those who like the iPhone as well as those who don’t, that Apple would decide to change it up. Nonetheless, they have come out with a newly designed phone called the iPhone X.

Aesthetically speaking, the phone design itself is very pleasing to the naked eye. With a slim design, a smooth, glass back plate, as well as the deletion of the home button, the phone contrasts with previous designs for the better. Although, it still does have imperfections. While the glass back plate looks pretty, without a case on the phone, it will easily be susceptible to cracks, scuffs, and scratches which will most likely mean more money out of the consumer’s pocket for a phone that is already priced in the four figure range.

Another setback for the product is the loss of the earphone jack. Yes they do supply you with proper attachments to convert your earphones into one fit for the design of the phone, but if you lose that tiny attachment, you will find yourself having to look for far more expensive wireless headphones. Other than the worry of not knowing how much it will cost to maintain your iPhone X, the phone is better than previous versions.

Updated camera quality and camera components are features you will always enjoy, as well as other improvements to the phone itself. The simplicity of use has always been a perk to the iPhone and the X keeps up with this very well. Although the phone has some disadvantages including its unrealistic price, in this case, the good outweighs the bad.