Softball Season is Here

Softball Season is Here

Sharlene Guiracocha, Staff Writer

“RINGGGGGGG” the last bell goes off. While everyone gathers up to talk to their friends before they head home, I rush to my locker to get my equipment. Tryouts are at 3:30, and I always try to get there five minutes early.

All the girls greet, and begin to change. I’m always excited to start practice; the thought of being in the team brings me joy. I hurry up changing, and head out with a couple of friends. The first thing we do is stretch.

“Right arm across” says one of the junior girls. “One.”

We reply “two.”

And it continues back and forth, till we feel stretched.

“Five girls in that section, and the other five here,” the coach says.

Everybody rushes to their section. There is a lot of conversation around, but once the coach begins speaking it goes silent.

The coach tells us what he expects us to do. I make sure to pay attention and identify his foot work. We begin our drills.

“Yeahhhhhh girllllll” everybody cheers each other on when someone does the drill well. We continue with catching drills, the coaches make sure to help the girls out when they are doing something wrong.

I remain focused, after an hour and a half of practice, my hands started to get sweaty. I decide to take a rest to and drink some water.

The satisfaction of being playing a sport again got to me. I rushed back to practice because I did not want to miss anything. Practice makes perfect.

I ran back and screamed “Coach, can I hit some balls”

“Yeah go ahead,” he said.

“Swoosh” I tracked the ball. My eyes were following the ball.

“Boom” I hit the ball on my first try.