The Guidance Department- “We strive for excellence.”

Priscilla Tham, Staff Writer

A recent interview with Mr. Kleinman provides the students of Teaneck High School with a brief glimpse into what the Guidance Department does.

What is the most important piece of your job as the head of guidance?

  • Kleinman: “The best part of my job is being able to help students on a daily basis. My main goal is to make sure that all the students are assisted in all phases of the high school experience.”

What helpful academic tools would you give the incoming Freshman Class?

  • Kleinman: “I encourage all students to utilize all the services at the high school. See the teachers; use the resources that the school provides. Visit the homework club afterschool if you are having any trouble with work. By using these resources available to you to you will make the transition into the high school an easier one.”

What advice would you give students on how to have a successful year at THS?

  • Kleinman: “Having balance in your life is the key to having a successful year. As a student, get involved in activities outside of school. Get in involved with the community and stay on top of your academics.”

Why do you think the Guidance Department is one of the keys that lead to excellence?

  • Kleinman: “The Guidance Department is the hub of the school. Students ask for assistance from the counselors, as well as questions about classes, teachers, and guidelines. The Guidance Department is a support to the students in making sure everyone strives for excellence.”

What tips would you give to students to help them get to know the counselors and to realize their importance?

  • Kleinman: “Students and counselors work both ways. The students have to reach out to the counselors, as well as the counselors reaching out to the students. The counselors are your coaches from freshman year to senior year, and the best way to get to know them is to build that relationship of stopping by just to say hello.”

What, in your opinion makes THS great?

  • Kleinman: “Everyone at THS works for a common goal. Teachers, students, parents, and administrators all have a connection and share the same goal. The amount of kindness and support that this school expresses is what makes our school great.”