Learning to Ride

Mohamed El-Sherbiny, Staff Writer

Tumbling down a hill, rapidly trying to save yourself, injury incoming in barely a second, things aren’t looking good. Now this situation might sound more intense and exaggerated than it really is, but that’s how I saw it when it happened. The story starts with a greedy, young boy with a dream of getting a new Nintendo DS, and seemingly nothing in his way. Until, one day he was given a challenge, a way to earn this prize, and the challenge was to learn to ride a bike.      Now, at first I thought it was easy but I soon learned that it was much more difficult in many ways. I started out trying to pedal in a straight line back and forth but all that happened was me falling over, and getting back up, and over again, and back up, so on and so forth. Until one day my father decided he couldn’t teach me, so he left the job to my older brother. The same thing happened with my brother as it did with my dad, I was virtually unteachable, until my brother came up with the idea of pushing me down a giant hill, with me having no clue whatsoever how to steer.

This is when he pushed me, and farther and farther down, in the midst of my intense struggle, I caught the hang of what I was doing and started steering but sadly it was too late for me. I crashed and my body flew for seven feet right into a bush, where I was stuck with my foot in the bicycle and my head dizzy. From that day forth I knew how to ride a bike.