The People vs. Teaneck High School Lunch

Elanna Williams, Staff Writer

At Teaneck High School we have multiple options to choose from for lunch. We can order food, buy regular school lunch, or just walk to one of the two food trucks we have outside. Only junior or senior students have the privilege to walk to a destination restaurant. Most recently students have been taking advantage of ordering from the food trucks outside. This latest option has proved to have some pros and cons.

On one hand, there is the food truck that accepts our student ID’s which is called our stadium food truck. A student’s funds can make a major difference in selecting which food truck to roam towards. The downfall is that it has been reported to have a very similar quality to the food served in the Teaneck High cafeteria.

The other food truck is quite different with far more variety. I would consider it to be more of a fast food kind of truck which we call it the Elizabeth Ave food truck. The choices range from mozzarella sticks, cheese fries, chicken tenders, to breakfast sandwiches such as the popular bacon egg and cheese sandwich.

Students are known to gravitate towards the Elizabeth Ave food truck because it’s cheap. Here’s the catch, my finding is that some people don’t think that the ratio of the amount of food that you get is equivalent to the amount of money you spend.

Personally, when I have visited the Elizabeth Ave food truck the line has always been long proving that it’s clearly the students’ preference. However, some students have reported that they were less than impressed by the Elizabeth Ave food truck.

There have been some students who remain neutral in the sense that that they weren’t impressed with either truck, and would much rather order lunch or walk to get some food that they actually want.

In my opinion I like the Elizabeth Ave food truck, and frequently order lunch from there. I personally agree with the masses that the prices are far too high, even unreasonable, for the amount of food we receive. Charging high school students $4.50 for three medium sized chicken tenders is not only expensive, but left my hunger unsatisfied. If I were to base the bacon egg and cheese solely on its size, I would consider it to be worth approximately $2.00. However, the food truck charges students $4.00. Public opinion suggests that the Elizabeth Ave food truck is basically said to be good to have around when you don’t have a lot of money with you. That’s about all the weight it holds as far as my peers are concerned, and I would have to agree to that as well.