Public Speaking Club

Rishon Bates, Staff Writer

One of the more popular classes at THS is public speaking. In this class, students are taught how to lose their nerves when it comes to speaking in settings where all eyes are on them. Students are also taught how to prepare for future presentations that they may have. This class is taught by Ms. Odood, who has been doing an exceptional job teaching the students how to perfect their speeches.

Recently, the students worked on preparing for interviews for colleges and jobs. Some of the questions asked by colleges include, “What made you want to choose the major you selected?” and “What are your academic strengths and weaknesses?” The job interview questions are also important, such as, “What made you want to work for our company?” or “Where do you see yourself in five years after working for this company?”

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the class’s students, Umar Abbasi about his experience taking the class. “The class has helped me a lot when it comes to the way I present. What I like most about the class is Ms. Odood’s strict teaching method. It helps make me more prepared when I give my presentations. It has also helped my ability to speak more confidently and fluently when speaking in public,” stated Abassi.

The two aspects of the class that Ms. Odood is most adamant about is preparing and projecting your voice. “It’s important to take your time to prepare correctly because you always want to have an idea about what you’re presenting and not mess up during your speeches. Projecting your voice is key so that the audience is sure to hear your voice while you’re speaking. They don’t want to hear mumbles or slurred speech,” said Abassi.

If you are having trouble speaking in public or you get nervous when presenting to the class, this is definitely a course you should be interested in. It helps get you out of your shell and break free from any kind of nerves you may have. Any student can take this class, from freshman to senior.